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Waiting for Gymnopedies





Why don’t you just change the rocket with the lighthouse?

Rocket fades away within seconds before touching the atmosphere

Lighthouse is the most faithful guide for you who desire to go back home.


I have got no money in pocket as well as nobody to rock with but her.

I can’t believe we almost got famous for looping Asian in one year.

I can’t believe that we got paid for thousand eyes we met during the journey.


Thankyou for flying me to her in four minutes and forty-four seconds.

My condolences that we managed to get through to be Man and Wife.


No need to cry your heart out with the taint of mascara.

Again, again, again, and again.

Before that, touch me again before the blanket is sleeping.


I will share the shelter of my single bed

This is Love that we are feeling

My promise to turn her light down low at dawn


She has always been heaven for me.

Mesmerizing more than flowers of Keukenhof.

Breathing through her oxygen and carbondioxide.

and for the last,


Now we are tossing our knees over the ceiling.

Face to palm.

Tear to tear.

Mouth to tongue.

Heart to ground.

best to be listened with:
| Yuna – Rocket | Shiina Ringo – Gips |
Bob Marley – Is This Love? | Naif – Kau | Jason Mraz – After an Afternoon |

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