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sadly said; Barry Manilow

Sun-shower at 3 PM is a bliss. Sad and glad are two archaic words out of context of this mid-summer lolly-joy. Oh, I forgot to mention that Jakarta only has two seasons: high- and mid-summer.

Lying on the green field of Kemang Raya, I realize this is a dream, most of the land are converted into multiple sightings of commercials. Bazaar, cafe, night club, store, and anything. Starting from the Arabian Carpet to Turkish Delight, Kemang is international kampung in which I spent almost 2 years with shiny pool and afternoon light beyond office window.

I am a postman. It is “quiet things no one ever knows”. I drop postcards, mails, and packages from South to North. Driving through hectic traffic jam of Sudirman, I was contemplating my well being most of time, how mundane it has been for this long and I still endure this tragic comedy.

It is different now. After I drop one mail to Lady Valentine.
“Everybody knows musician needs somebody special”

And she shared violin and cello to my whiteblankspace.


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